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About connected-health.eu GmbH

connected-health.eu GmbH was founded by Dr. med. Johannes Jacubeit in late 2014. While working as a medical doctor he wondered why the medical IT environment is often outdated. He missed state of the art digital communication solutions to interact with patients.

End of 2014 he moved on from his job as a medical doctor with the goal of shaping the digital transformation in health care. Numerous awards where given to his team ever since and the product received broad media attention.

End of 2015 an investor syndicate including High-Tech-Gründerfonds and Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg participated in the seed investment round. In 2016, Dr. Jacubeit was recognized as „innovator under 35“ by MITs Technology Review and appointed to the committee for health management of the chamber of commerce in Hamburg.

End of 2016, the Thieme Publisher Group invested in the ambitious growth company. Thieme is the leading medical publisher in Germany and will support the young company with more than 130 years of experience in the medical field.

The connected-health.eu GmbH team is proud to be the first digital health company in Germany receiving funds from the “InnovationsFonds” issued by the Federal Government of Germany. Partner of the € 6.5 mio syndicate grant include the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg Center of Health Economics, two leading German insurance companies and others. Partners of a syndicate grant with a total volume of € 3.5 mio, issued by the city of Hamburg, include the University of Hamburg, the leading stationery care provider and others.

LifeTime was launched on May 25th 2016. Since then, it is successfully used by doctors and patients for direct data exchanges. Initial successes are already registered: 354 doctors use LifeTime and several tens of thousands of patients downloaded the app – numbers are increasing daily.

Our Vision

Despite rapid advances and massive growth in information technology in the last decades, data exchange between patients and doctors remains firmly stuck in the 20th century. We are facing this challenge head-on, pushing healthcare to the next level in Europe and globally.

Modern work and social values are fundamental to our business model and provide our high-profile team with the motivation to create sustainable growth in a slow-moving industry and the freedom and flexibility to transform the multitude of obstacles inherent to our goal into opportunities.

Our vision is an inviting and caring medical environment where access to and use of validated medical data is seamless. We strive for a world where doctors and patients get the most out of their interaction, unencumbered by trivial beaurocracy. A world where medicine is based on quantifiable and instantly available data. A world where patients benefit from the endless possibilities of data-driven medicine. By bringing together consumer technology, professional healthcare interaction, and scientific inquiry, we are building the foundation for the future of medical interactions.

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