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A package for all use cases

It does not matter if small doctors office or large medical support center with lots of stations and high patient frequency. LifeTime adapts to your requirements. Experience easy and compliant document transfer to patients and colleagues.

Receive documents
Dispatch to patients
Dispatch to colleagues
per month and facility

Frequently asked questiosn

Can I send documents, when my colleague or patient does not use LifeTime, yet?

Yes, a patient will receive a message via SMS, informing him about his new document. A colleague not using LifeTime yet will receive the document via fax.

Is it possible to quit anytime?

Yes, in case you do not want to use LifeTime anymore, you can quit at any time, respecting a one day before end of the month cancellation period.

On how many clients in my office am I allowed to use LifeTime?

You are able to use LIfeTime on as many clients on one local site as you like. If you would like to use LifeTime on different sites (e.g. with different postal addresses), please sign up for a corresponding amount of subscriptions

Does LifeTime run on all operating systems?

LifeTime runs on Windows (at least version 7) and MacOS (at least 10.11). If you are interested in using it on linux, please contact us.

Can I change my package at a later point in time?

You can change at any time.