Drag`n drop data exchange with your patients` smartphone

LifeTime - connecting medical facilities and patients while increasing patient satisfaction, reducing paper based processes and saving time.

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Save time and costs and increase team satisfaction

Instantly exchange findings, treatment information and imaging with the patient smartphone. Your team has to print less, burn less CDs and has to send fewer faxes. By sharing data directly to the patient´s smartphone, your patients have all their premliminary findings with them in their LifeTime App. Requesting and scaning documents is a thing of the past. A win for everyone involved.

Strengthening your patients loyality

When a patient enters your facility, your profile - including image, contact details and webpage - is placed automatically on their smartphone. Patients have your profile at hand when they recommend your service to other patients or when they need to get in contact with you.

Service for your patients

Patients increasingly digitize paper based medical documents via their smartphone cameras. By receiving them directly on their smartphones in high-quality, their satisfaction with your service is highly increased. Receiving quality reports is another good reason to choose your doctor's office.

Certified data protection

Data exchange via LifeTime is end-to-end encrypted. Data can only be decrypted in your health facility and on the patients device, where data is stored AES encrypted in the LifeTime App. This approach has been certified with the ePrivacy seal of quality.

What physicians and healthcare professionals say about LifeTime:

Dr. med. Jens Heidrich

„A lot of patients very much appreciate it to have their results at their hands in their smartphones. With LifeTime they have full control and their health data always with them.“

Dr. med. Jens Heidrich Laboratory doctor, Labor Dr. Heidrich & Kollegen
Dr. med. Johannes Holz

„The patients like LifeTime a lot. I have experienced how patients show their x-rays to other patients, because they are excited to have it accessible. For medical data exchange LifeTime is perfect.“

Dr. med. Johannes Holz Orthopedist, Orthocentrum Hamburg
Dr. med. Lutz Rathmer

„Patients using the app do not come to us with the usual stack of preliminary findings that we then have to copy and scan. Instead the documents can directly be imported into our EHR. The feedback from patients who have received documents digitally ranges also consistently from positive to euphoric.“

Dr. med. Lutz Rathmer Office manager, Gynäkologe, Praxisklinik Winterhude

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