Your health in your hand.

LifeTime lets you keep track of all your medical files on your smartphone. You can share them on demand to get the best treatment possible. With LifeTime you have your health in your hand. For you. For your doctors. And for your well-being.

LifeTime for doctors

Increase patient satisfaction and workflow efficiency.

Your medical documents in one app.

In your LifeTime App you store information like reports, x-rays and lab results that is created in the course of a doctor’s visit. Whenever you see a doctor, you have all your documents on hand. With LifeTime you can instantly share all relevant information with your doctor.

Exchange data with your doctor.

LifeTime Hub is a small hardware for healtcare providers. You will find it on the counter of all doctor’s offices and hospitals that support LifeTime. With a simple gesture you take your reports with you on your smartphone.

All data in the health app is yours.

LifeTime is an encrypted App, that can only be opened with your personal PIN or your fingerprint. Documents are being exchanged via a direct connection in your doctor’s office. Your data is primarily stored on your smartphone, but if you choose to, you are able to upload them into your cloud.

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